• Our services include

  • Manual Physical Therapy 

  • Spinal Decompression

  • Core Stabilization Program

  • Work Conditioning Program

  • Sports Conditioning

  • Athletic taping and Bracing

  • Pre/Post-Surgical

  • Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy

  • Individual exercise Program



 What types of treatments do we perform?

At East Brunswick/ Milltown Advanced Care Physical Therapy we perform various types of treatments, and will customize a program combining the best treatments geared toward your particular problem.

The types of treatments at East Brunswick/ Milltown Advanced Care Physical Therapy do include Manual Therapy, Neuro-dynamic techniques, soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, stretching and functional strengthening therapeutic exercises. The physical therapy treatment program will vary based on your needs.

Give us a call at

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That call is the first step in getting you back on the road to recovery.


Welcome to our clinic!

East Brunswick/ Milltown Advanced Care Physical Therapy Center is a Middlesex County's leading Physical Therapy Center. Our primary focus is to restore function and improve your quality of life through caring, skillful, and personalized applications of exemplary Physical Therapy services for clients of all ages.

We are experts in offering one-on-one physical therapy for individuals with orthopedic and spine injury. Our hands-on Physical Therapy techniques, programs, and equipment will promote a fast recovery and full return to peak performance.

 If you are limited by pain or injury, we can help. Our facilities, expertise, and commitment will help restore the quality of life you desire faster and better than any other clinic.

Don’t put it off any longer. The more you wait the more serious your problem may become.


Physical Therapy

Knee rehabilitation in east brunswick, milltown

East Brunswick/ Milltown Advanced Care Physical Therapy sole purpose is to provide exceptional, progressive, and cost-effective orthopedic rehabilitation through personalized care that emphasizes patient education and prevention of future injury.


physical therapy and Acupuncture in east brunswick, milltown

Guess what? Despite not being well known to all, Acupuncture is actually the Swiss Army Knife in the medical world. It functions by activating the natural neurological and endocrine systems of the body to heal, to regenerate health, and to achieve a greater level of balance and well being.

Massage therapy

physical therapy and massgae in east brunswick, milltown

We want people to incorporate massage therapy into their lives as part of a health maintenance and wellness program.  We use premium quality massage creams, oils and lotions. We provide various aroma therapy oils.

How do I get started?

At East Brunswick/ Milltown Advanced Care Physical Therapy Center, We’ve made it very easy for you to get started. The contact information for our offices is located here, making it easy for you to get in touch with us. Typically, our Physical Therapist can see you within 24 hours of your call , and that call is the first step in getting you back on the road to recovery.

Advanced Care Physical Therapy
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Phone: 732-246-3585 Website: www.livepainfreept.com